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SIDA Training Description – MJF

SIDA Training Description

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SIDA Training Description

Monitoring & Evaluation Training

There is a growing emphasis, internally and externally, on demonstrating program performance and quality changes rather than simply producing outputs. Donors, stakeholders, project implementation team and beneficiaries require constant feedback on project performance. Moreover, in the development field, M&E issues required comparatively high skill to use different methods and tools for data collecting, analyzing and disseminating.

In this consideration, MJF organized training for the project staffs in building their knowledge and skill including  project and project management, basic ideas on M&E, indicators settings, M&E plan, logical framework analysis, system development, methods and tools of M&E, process of measuring results, reporting.  Two training were conducted on these topics using training manual where total 33 participant from 17 partners participated. The training held from 26-28 February, 2018 and 12-14 March, 2018.

Training on Climate change, Adaptation & DRR

Adapting to climate change is a rapidly growing challenge, particularly for developing countries.

Even if greenhouse gas emissions are reduced significantly in the coming years, climate change impacts, such as gradual temporal and spatial shifts in resources as well as drought, floods, severe weather events and sea-level rise, are likely to result in food shortages, increases in vector-borne diseases, infrastructure damage and the degradation of natural resources. The poor will be affected disproportionately.

Development choices today influence the adaptive capacity of people and their governments well into the future. We cannot afford to delay adaptation planning and action. However, many development policies, plans and projects currently do not take climate change into account due to a lack of awareness and clarity on how to effectively develop and integrate adaptation options. Integrating adaptation into development cooperation provides an essential opportunity to make more climate-resilient development investments. In this connection, four day training was arranged for eight partners who are dealing with climate change adaptation. The training was organized from 1-4 February, 2018.

Training on Gender and Women Human Rights

MJF strongly believes that if women do not get their due recognition, all development goals will remain unfulfilled. Discrimination, deprivation and violence against women are the major obstacle towards achieving the SDG and government development plans. Given the scenario, MJF organized training for partners’ staff on Gender and Women Human Rights supported by Sida Four days training were conducted on this topic using training manual from 23-25 January, 2018. Total 28 participant from 8 partners participated.

The key contents of the training were – rights, human rights, women rights, gender, feminism, patriarchy, Women in Development, national and international policies of women development, women empowerment, gender mainstreaming, gender analysis, violence against women, gender equality, CEDAW, Vienna Declaration, sexuality, Bangladesh Constitution and basic rights, Govt. initiatives to prevent VAW, Role of NGOs, gender sensitivity in project.

The key objectives were to:

  • To provide a conceptual understanding on Gender and Women Human Rights to the MJF supported staff of partners;
  • To make the participants clear about relationship between Violence against Women and Human Rights;
  • To provide conceptual understanding on women’s body, sexuality and rights;

Training on Online Reporting

MJF trying to Implementing a paperless system that offers organization many benefits including increased employee efficiency, productivity and information security. Paperless system could mean streamlining daily workflow while reducing overall costs and also quarterly progress tracing.

In this connection, two batches training were organized for the project staffs. Total 17 participant from 17 partners participated the training. The training were organized from 19-21 September, 2017 and 23-25 September, 2017.

The main purposes of this training are

  • To preserve and make available all detail information and quarterly progress about the projects;
  • To avoid duplication of data and get accurate statistical information;
  • To make the reporting system paperless.

Financial Management Training

  • MJF has experienced that a standard and efficient finance system is critical for partner NGOs to function their development projects in a transparent manner. To address this, MJF initiated to provide financial management training for finance persons as a priority area for partners’ capacity building.
  • Three day long training for the project conducted where total 17 participant from 17 partners participated. During this training participants were oriented mainly on – budget, budget guideline and budgetary control and monitoring, advance management, procurement management, cash and bank management, books of accounts and reporting, inventory management, overhead, contingencies and ground rules for motor cycle, income tax (IT), Value Added Tax (VAT) and revenue stamp, audit and finance monitoring.
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