About Manusher Jonno Foundation

Manusher Jonno Foundation

Manusher Jonno Foundation (MJF) started its journey in 2002 as a project of CARE and became an independent organization with NGOAB registration in 2006.

MJF manages a large challenge grant which supports the human rights and governance activities of national NGO’s and other stakeholder institutions including supporting coalitions, movements and networks. MJF provides capacity building support to CSO’s for grass root activism and to enable them to play a strong role in raising demand for good governance and address human rights violations. MJF with partner organizations gets involved in high level policy advocacy to bring about legislative and policy changes in favor of the marginalized and discriminated such as women, minorities and socially excluded people. Although the basic mandate of MJF is grant making, being a national high profile CSO, rooted in the socio, cultural and economic development of Bangladesh, MJF is involved in policy advocacy however, always making sure that it does not duplicate partners’ effort but rather complements their work. . The unique role that MJF plays is building synergy between grass root activism with high level policy advocacy.   MJF takes the lead if it has unique experience and expertise on the issue such as it did in the enactment of the Right to Information Act 2009. In other instances, MJF stays in the back ground and supports other organizations and networks who have more expertise, credibility experience to take the lead.   MJF works with, and brings together government officials, lawmakers, national advocacy and lobbying groups, private sector leaders, and representatives of the concerned communities to develop both local and national solutions to issues of social exclusion, discrimination, democratic practices, transparency and accountability.


MJF Principles:

In the course of its work MJF has established certain core principles which guide all its work. These are:

  • Commitment to the principles of Universal Declaration of Human Rights  that all human beings have rights which are inherent and indivisible
  • Respect for the culture and values of particular groups (e.g. minorities such as ethnic, sexual, religious) in promoting an equitable and just society for all.
  • Promotion and upholding values of transparency and accountability in order to ensure efficient and equitable use of resources.
  • Promotion of gender equality and social justice to end discrimination and ensure equity in the distribution of power and privilege in society.
MJF is recognized as a credible national development institution governed by a 9 member Governing Board comprised of eminent personalities from civil society. In its office at Dhaka, the Executive Director heads and 80 member team of staff and acts as the Chief Executive Officer of the organization.